Cape Cod Landscaping Backyard transformation

Cape Cod Landscaping

A Backyard Transformation

The property owners were tired of their old, dull, hard to keep up yard, So they hired us to re-make their backyard experience.

With this Cape Cod landscaping project we took this backyard from dull and hard to maintain, to beautiful and easy to care for. The first step was to clear out all the old growth, weeds, saplings, etc.  We then needed to remove the over abundance of wood chips and mulch, regrade the property and bring in loads of high quality top dress loam.  To make the new lawn low maintenance, we installed an irrigation sprinkler system to the back yard of this Cape Cod landscaping project.  New planting beds were created along the outer fringes to allow for maximum usable space, and the property was then hydro seeded to create a beautiful lush lawn.  Aside from being easy to maintain, this backyard is now a functional part of the property and provides beautiful views out the back doors and windows.

This Cape Cod landscaping backyard transformation project was a lot of fun for us and turned out lovely. I know our client was thrilled with the results of our landscape design and hard work. Now just imagine how much more value was added to this property just by making over the back yard.