What is fall or spring clean up?

What is a Fall or Spring Clean Up?

What is a spring cleanup and why is it important?

Spring clean up Barnstable Harwich dennis Yarmouth MAWinter tends to be unkind to most landscapes; Strong winds, heavy snow, and even rain can bring down tree limbs, Twigs and leaves, leaving your property a mess come spring. All of this debris needs to be picked up and removed from the property. Lawn areas should be revitalized as well; when snow lingers on the lawn for too long the grass can become matted down with debris and infected with mold. Raking and de-thatching the area will remove the infected grass and promote some air flow. Damaged lawn areas from snow plowing should be cleaned up, loamed and seeded. Any required pruning of plantings should be done at this time; dead, dying or broken limbs should be removed and disposed of. Planting beds should also be taken care of; beds should be weeded, cleaned and edged, with weed control applied if desired. If you mulch your planting beds, and we recommend that you do, now is the time to do it. Mulching right away in spring will help reduce water use and weeding later in the season, as well as give your landscape a fresh clean look.

What is a fall cleanup and why is it important?

The final preparation to your landscape before winter is one of importance, and is needed to ensure your lawn and plantings make it through the winter in healthy condition. Any plant diseases spreading in the fall will likely remain there until the spring thaw by living in leftover debris like leaves, dead branches, soil or other fungal-holding material. Elements such as mycelium, spores and other reproductive fungal cultures will span the winter in dead plant material and infect your yard again in the spring. Because of this, leaves and debris must be removed from all planting bed and lawn areas, and dead material from perennials and flowering plants must be cut back and disposed of. At this time it is also a good idea to clean debris from gutters around your home, if this step is missed water damming could occur, causing ice to form under shingles and damage your roof as a result.

If you are physically incapable, or time crunched, or just feel you can spend your time doing something more constructive and or productive than cleaning up your yard, we’ll be glad to do the spring clean up and/or the fall clean up for you. We can also take care of all phase of landscape maintenance if you want or just mow your lawn on a weekly basis. That is completely up to you. We will be glad to come out and give you a quote on whatever landscape services you may need.